Thwei Cetanu Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Thwei Cetanu.
Yautja.  (Class: Elder / Ancient.)
Place of Origin:
Yautja came big and Thwei Cetanu was no exception to the rule. Standing at a height of seven foot, two inches of pure muscle, eyes of yellow, no wonder some called him the Devil. Reptilian skin, the mouth had four mandibles which usually hid the inner teeth but were used mostly to communicate mood. Long dark hair was braided into thick dreadlocks. Able to hear a whisper fifty feet away, jump up to three times their height and fall ten times their height to land on both feet, not to mention the ability to hold one's breath for several minutes. Long black claws upon fingertips and toes. Incredibly quick they are fast enough to dodge bullets, if they see them coming and can with their tough hides, shrug off most small caliber bullets.  (I've Been playing this character for over ten years and in that time, with the help of some "friends" made, Thwei Cetanu has been able to learn some english/common. There are many words he still does not understand however, especially slang terms at times. He's quite evolved as a Character. Introduced to Root Beer years ago by his human friend Rockhound, Thwei Cetanu quite enjoys this unique drink.)
Additional Notes:
They are hunters, true enough. Perhaps the best hunters in the universe. All hunters need toys of their trade. While on safari, the Yautja wear distinctive headgear which serves multiple functions. The Mask worn by the higher-class offers protection during combat, and houses a respirator. It is also capable of being used underwater similar to scuba gear. It also can filter through five visual settings: Infrared, Ultraviolet, Thermal Imaging, Low-Light Amplification and Air Density Pressure (movement). Housed within the helmet is a targeting and tracking system for any shoulder mounted weaponry, with an extensive array of surveillance equipment - including a Waveform Analyzer which can imitate previous words spoken to it. The camouflage is the ultimate in stealth technology. By bending light waves around the wearer, the suit makes them practically invisible. However, it doesn't grant true invisibility. An alert opponent would be able to notice the heatwave like shimmer, especially noticeable when the wearer is moving quick. The Wrist Blades are the weapon of choice for most Yautja. Twin blades with jagged double edges sharp enough to tear through bone. The blades range from anywhere between twelve and eighteen inches long and are retractable from a wrist gauntlet on the arm. The Shoulder Cannon is a mounted and lightweight weapon capable of firing multiple long range energy bursts of charged plasma. It is controlled via the targeting system in the helmet, and tracks with the head movement of the firer. It can be used with a laser sight to increase targeting capacity, and is fired either by a mandible-controlled trigger in the helmet or by the forearm mounted control panel. The Net Gun launches a web of razor sharp wire powerful enough to propel a target to the floor/wall and pin them there, viciously cutting into the flesh. If a target tries to struggle the damage increases, and this keeps up until the subject is released from the net or killed. The Staff (Combi-Stick) is a self powered telescoping spear that is merely one meter at its shortest length, but extends by two meters at each end. The combi-stick makes a formidable weapon for close range attacks, due to it's length. Made of nearly unbreakable alloys, sharpened tips on either end produce electrical charges as it slices through most any surface. The Smart Disc, is able to cut through most substances with its devastating razor edges and is powerful enough to cut through multiple targets with one throw. Computer controlled gyros guarantee that the disc returns to it's wielder, unless it becomes embedded in a solid object. Similar to the Smart Disc, the Shuriken is carried and transported as a flat circular device, but the push of it's surface transforms it into a multi-pointed sharp edged throwing star. The Shuriken can be thrown at an opponent, or used in hand to hand combat cutting through many substances with it's many razor edges easily. When thrown, the internal computer controlled gyros aid in returning the device to it's wielder. His name, Thwei Cetanu - Means: Blood God of Death.   (Questions? Ask Nicely.) You can run from him.. but you'll only die tired. The mightiest of the Yautja are the veterans known as the "Ancients." Almost all had been one of the "Honored" and continued to survive for centuries of hunts. Ironically, these are the least concerned by the hunt anymore, focusing their attention to their arthritis instead. They are still great warriors; they just have too many trophies to care anymore. As a result, they are more compassionate and disciplined than most other Yautja. Many have learned new fighting techniques over the ages. For example, one "Ancient" who had hunted in 16th century Japan learned "Hira Baraki," or two sworded combat, and continues to use it today, and has two custom swords. These represent less than 1% of the entire population. (Lucky for the population of Rhydin, Thwei Cetanu falls into this category.) ~ The Ancient, carries with him a Silver Amulet of Protection. The item helps protect him against the use of magic/spells against him. ~ (Meaning 'direct magic' will fail when used against him.)
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