Jake Tolsin Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Jake Tolsin
Seems to be half elf maybe?
Place of Origin:
When he remembers he will let you know
Jake is a 5'8" tall male with wavy black hair and cerulean blue eyes that seem to shimmer in the light. His face a touch angular with pointed ears and his skin healthy yet pale as if only occasionally touched by the sun. His frame is lean yet muscular like a runners which at the moment is decked in a loose pair of seemingly track pants and a t-shirt. No shoes as of this moment however.
Lost it is a rathering interesting profession actually
Additional Notes:
Jake seemingly normal to the untrained eye but for those that can sense beyond to the supernatural he is a psionicist and quite strong if completely untrained. He has a rather strong connection to the life forces around him though what this means is anyone's guess. Again though he is untrained to the obvious extent in which his own thoughts could easily be plucked from the air. His mind seems to be newly formed even if his body suggests differently. If you want to know more message please!
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