William Hawthorn Wyrmling

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Character Name:
William Hawthorn
Place of Origin:

(Luke Evans)
Additional Notes:
In 1635, William sails to Japan in hopes of negotiating a trade agreement, despite Japan's Edict of Isolationism. There he meets Sanada Sakura and is immediately struck by her beauty, but shortly after that, he's accused of violating the edict, tortured, and left for dead. Sakura saves his life by making him a vampire, but he reacts violently to the change and subsequently kills all those responsible for his torture.

The Vampire Council intervenes, condemning Will to death, but Sakura pleads for his life, and the Council instead decrees that the pair be separated for an indefinite amount of time. Will is also warned that if he cannot control his rage and hunger, he will be destroyed. He is then given over to Julian Stafford for training, and the two become good friends.

After many years, Will eventually enters an isolated monastery in the Himalayas, where he intends to atone for his sins and hopes to find peace, unsure if he will ever see Sakura again.

After more than three centuries apart, the Council finally lifts the decree, and Sakura comes for him. The couple is reunited, and they currently call the Scottish Highlands home.
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