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Dante Lorenzo Domínguez-Álvarez
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The world of ballet didn’t typically attract the renegade, the rebellious and the iconoclasts.  Yet there Dante Lorenzo Domínguez-Álvarez stood as prominent and unrepentant as the imposing monolith of his birthplace.  Born to a Catalonian mother and British father meant Dante had inherited the end result of two cultures forever at war with one another for his very nature and disposition.  Spanish flair and spontaneous, boisterous passion licked like fire along the dour British foundations of manners, discipline and punctuality…threatening to consume yet forever restrained.  

Such a combination, his parents had realized, required an outlet and hoped one (or several) might provide discipline and direction.  

That outlet had been found at Las Fallas.  No fiery festivities were more famous than the effigy-burnings and massive beach bonfires in València.  Celebrating the equinox and warmer months to come, the city had cut loose with explosions, drums and processions of ninots destined for the reveler’s torch.  It was here that young Dante had first found a love in dance…amidst the drums and flames, in full view of the pagan and the divine.

The initial spark from Las Fallas had been guided and directed by his father, professional connections ensuring an audition at he esteemed Royal Ballet School in London.  Attending both the lower and upper schools, he’d seen his talent and ego achieve a meteoric rise so much so that he was known within the industry as el águila negra…a dual meaning that spoke of his deeply sable hair and powerful aerial work as well as for his pride and numerous black and gray styled tattoos that challenged many modest classical ballet convictions.  Of course, it had been done on purpose…Dante embracing the love of self-expression and individuality that came in both art forms while challenging the traditional powers within ballet:  did they want talent or a clean canvas?  The answer, given his career, had been obvious.

Sure…there had been that little scandal which brought his time at the Royal Ballet to a close.  Whispers persisted yet the company referenced it a restructuring while Dante had boasted to the tabloids that he was leaving out of fear of career stagnation and in search greater challenges.  

“Sense foc no hi ha festa”

~ Catalan saying meaning ‘Without fire there is no festival’
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