Adelaide Kintargo Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Adalaide Kintargo
Place of Origin:
Dragon's Hollow, Cristos
Scribe and attendant to Lady Cristeel
Additional Notes:

Born to a long line of prominent magic users, one would only think it right that Adalaide had followed in her family's footsteps naturally.  Her mother and father had been so proud that their children had followed the family legacy to carry on their bloodline's innate use of spellcasting. Each child had been enrolled upon their 7th year to join in the Acadimae of St. Warren's Landing. A large school where magic casters could participate in courses fitting their talents as well as having general studies and other training.  Notably, there had never been a Kintargo who couldn't muster the powers of arcane, divine, occult or primal magics in some form. Until now.

Usually a child of the Kintargo bloodline would start showing some small inkling of their abilities in the first few years of their life. The parents would observe and guide the child as well as they could as they grew up and started to learn and understand their abilities.

For Adalaide, early childhood was what others might call normal, though for her mother and father it became more and more obvious that she was different than her siblings.  By two years Adalaide had succeeded at all the usual milestones as expected. By the time she was five and a half, she could keep up with her siblings who were already taking part in their own educations. She had learned to read and write, she loved art and music, even history she adored, she was educated at home by her mother and tutors, while her older siblings had enrolled at the Acadimae but still lived in the family home. Still, at the age of six Adalaide had shown no sign of magical manifestation. At the age of seven when it came time for her enrollment, Adalaide continued to be tutored at home.  Sages, wizards and clerics who knew the girl and at her parents requests had examined and evaluated her numerous times, had found nothing physically, nor mentally amiss.

Though she saw her older brothers and sister (and later her younger siblings) growing up with the ability to use spellcasting, Adalaide tried not to let differences shade her judgement. She always attempted new things and continued to learn. She watched as her older siblings moved to live at the Acadimae and years later her younger brother as well.  She studied with fine tutors and received excellent training.

As young lady in her teen and pre-teen years, she continued her studies and learned skills in dancing (ballet & traditional), playing the mandolin, piano and cello. She is skilled in archery, horseback riding and swordplay.

As a young woman she works as a traveling scribe, at the moment she is serving as an attendant to Lady Luminia Cristeel, the Queen of Cristos.  She has continued her studies past the lessons of her tutors and left her family home to seek out her own path and perhaps find answers.
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