Connar Valdor Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Connar Valdor
Place of Origin:
City of Enoch
The ancient warrior’s voice carries the faint remnant of an accent from a forgotten time, the distant look upon his hazel eyes is but a yearning for that which could no longer be.

Connar stumbled through Rhydin’s shadowy veil long ago, discovering a realm of mystical creatures, and powerful, enchanting characters. He had loved and been loved and let it all go to return home to his own time and race. What he found was decadence and decay, the land steeped in the darkest age the earth would ever know.

He had faced his own personal Armageddon, confronting his own mortality, the desires of the heart, the weaknesses of the flesh, and the will of the soul.

The decay of the old world is now spreading west, and there to he takes his charge. The distance and travails cause his visits to Rhy'din to be infrequent at best.
Wanderer, Sage, Relic
Additional Notes:
The hardest fought battles
are not between gilded knight and brazen foe,
but lie within the deepest recesses of the heart,
where wars are waged,
not for titles, wealth or lands,
but for the integrity of the soul.
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