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Character Name:
Cygnet "Siggy" Rassveta
Changeling Fae
Place of Origin:
The Imperial City of Belovodye
Still a Work in Progress

*There is an agelessness about her, though she bears the whip-quick temper and stubborn confidence of extreme youth. Her rather careless grace and fawn-like long limbs lend themselves to the image of a girl in her late teens or barely into her early twenties. But there is a calculating fire to her stare and a practiced air of command that speaks to someone far more experienced and purposeful than she would like others to believe. Sometimes that stubborn lift of her chin seems like childish arrogance. And sometimes there truly is something burning behind that intense, piercing blue stare that demands more.
*Her skin is almost translucent, and delicate as porcelain. With her airy platinum curls and long limbs, she seems like a breakable doll. Her rather indelicately furrowed brows and sharp blue eyes are the only sign of her biting wit, indomitable stubbornness, and cold calculation. She is the kind most would write off as a wilting ingenue, and that is a weapon she long ago learned to wield.
*Her only distinguishing mark to the naked eye would be the crown etched into the long curve of her neck, a sign of her graduation from the grueling Imperial Academy of the Arts and entrance into the Imperial Ballet in her home world. Essentially, it marks her as prized property of the Imperial Court. But that was a world away, and she usually wears her hair down now.
*Those that can sense power may notice a few other things about her. Most prominent would be the faint iridescent haze surrounding her, a lasting git from her Seelie mother who was a master of illusion. Cygnet however, as a mixed fae, lacks the ability to control such illusions generated by the delicate butterfly-like scales that cover her skin. Some may notice a shadow trailing behind her, the echo of wings recently gained and recently lost. And those with a sense of auras or emotions may sense pain there, anger and grief and bitter betrayal. She carries herself high, delicately balanced upon the balls of her feet as if offsetting the weight of them. She still doesn't quite know how to stand without them.

*Siggy spent much of her life hiding what she was, or more accurately willing herself not to believe it. Surrounded by the iron and belching smoke of the human districts of Belovodye's capital, her powers were further dulled. But nevertheless there are some signs of Cygnet's fae heritage that she cannot hide. Beyond a sensitivity to iron which she is simply too stubborn to let affect her on a daily basis (unless she is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of iron or has had it pierce her skin), Cygnet has an iridescent tinge to her skin which, upon closer inspection seems almost like the opalescent scales of butterflies.
*She has a habit of letting her emotions get the best of her, and when angered or excited a thin film of hoarfrost spreads from her fingers to whatever she touches.
*While her Seelie mother was a master of illusion, which Cygnet has yet to master, her Unseelie father was a master of transformation. Cygnet has only performed two great acts of transformation, both of which have led to her eventually ending up in Rhydin, thrown from her world and everything she had fought so hard to build. The faint shadow of feathery wings is all that remains of her own transformation. And her unwillingness to trust again is a final scar from the fallout of the second transformation she performed on another. She doesn't trust those powers any more. Perhaps she is just as afraid of her Unseelie blood as her mother's court was.

*Cygnet is the child of a princess of the Summer Court and a member of the Winter Court. She was cast out of fae society and into the world of Men to avoid corruption of the Seelie line with Unseelie blood. In the mortal side of Belovodye's capital, she was soon bought by a dance academy which trains humans as entertainers for the Imperial Court. Musicians, poets, artists, and above all dancers are prized pets and diversions for the Seelie court since they possess the one thing fae lack, imagination and inspiration. Dancers are so highly prized because, to fae, they are striving for fae-like perfection, honing their physical abilities and grace to become the best a human can be (or at least until their 30s or so when they have passed their physical peak and are fed to the Court, a high honor indeed). Cygnet was marked as property of the Imperial Academy and given strict training, so the world of dance is the only home she's ever really known. But she always felt a longing, a call, a distance from her fellow dancers. As she grew and moved up the ranks at the ruthless Imperial Academy, she grew more and more suspicious of her true parentage, and more paranoid about being discovered. Her only confidant was another Academy student, a human named Nadia who quickly became a steadfast friend and protector.
But her life in the Imperial Ballet Theater was turned upside down when a cryptic fae named Alyosha Voronin, a Bogatyr or wandering fae knight whose lands had been ravaged by the Unseelie leaving him dishonored amongst the Seelie, noticed her at a performance and offered her a chance to perform at the Seelie Palace.
Additional Notes:
*While there are many type of fae in Rhydin, Cygnet’s world may operate a little differently than most. In her home of Belovodye, Seelie and Unseelie fae are two separate races, two sides of one coin which used to keep the world in a delicate balance. While Seelie command and feed on the external (illusion, creativity, imagination, and perception), Unseelie command and desire the internal (transformation, emotion, and primal needs like hunger or warmth). Humans are considered a lower class; servants, workers, land-bound peasants, and to some fae, little more than herd animals to feed on. But Fae cannot exist without humans, as they feed on their most valuable trait, their own type of magic, imagination. Seelie keep human pets, particularly artists and performers, to provide inspiration for their palaces of illusions, sucking them dry of their creative and eventually quite literal life blood. And Unseelie feed on the depths of human emotions in the dark wilderness, drawing on the human imagination’s ability to give humans a depth and complexity of emotion simply not found in other creatures. Sentient fear is just so much more delicious than an animal’s.

((OOC: while a lot of Cygnet's world is based on Imperial Russia and Russian folklore, neither she nor I speak Russian. Just a point of clarification. She does speak a dialect of Fae specific to her world, so she may be able to speak with other fae, and also knows common. Her dialect of Fae is a language of both spoken and unspoken sounds, where only powered beings can hear and understand the magical undertones, although they can have effects on nonmagical beings regardless of their conscious understanding of the language. Also, while Cygnet is fae she isn't very forthcoming about sharing that fact. While it is nothing to worry about or hide in Rhydin, where she comes from her parentage and nature is a dangerous secret. If you think your character would have reason to be able to tell Siggy isn't in fact human and does have magical abilities, or more specifically would be able to tell what those are, feel free to shoot me a message!))

((FC: Emily Ruhl))

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