Christine Sousen Wyrmling

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“Socialite is a dirty word…”

In a world where gods and monsters roam freely, Christine is almost out of place with her 100% human blood. No special abilities or talents, unless you count making a fantastic bottle of wine or planning a spectacular soiree.

She stands an unremarkable 5’7”, weighing in at a slight 120 soaking wet. People often note how thin she is, yet she wears her skin with pride.

Often changing depending on her mood, her hair is currently dyed pitch black, kept in a long asymmetrical cut that skims her shoulders. Diligent root maintenance ensures her natural Auburn is rarely spied.

Her back is a living canvas from shoulder to below the waist band, a monument of the finest ink work anywhere. Upon her pale skin is a fine Chinese painting, daunting mountain cliffs cleaved in two by a roaring waterfall. At the bottom three koi struggling to swim up to become the dragons they are in spirit.

But it is her eyes that people tend to notice and not just because she tends to favor a bold cat-eye—they are a brilliant emerald green with touches of gold around the iris.

A New Yorker by birth, Rhydinite by chance, troublemaker forever.

(Revival of a beloved character of mine. You don’t know her. If you think you do, you don’t know me. Assume nothing.)
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Owner of Dirty Cowboy Vinyard and Winery, Paso Robles; co-owner of The Pussycat Cabaret, NYC, NY
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