Arsenii Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Arsenii Morozov; "Senya"
Place of Origin:
Cold Harbor
While some would claim: "where he comes, trouble follows." Others that knew him better understood that he was the trouble. Impulsive and reckless with a fixation on fire and explosives, destruction is Senya's mistress.

Self-control was never in Senya's nature, be it with liquor, flammable liquids, or women. With little care for his own well-being, he rarely says no when an intriguing offer is placed on the table.

Craving cheap thrills and excitement, the repetition of his own gloomy world had ceased to give him that thrill. Knowing his brother had escaped, he'd sought his own way out of their drab and gloomy world, expanding his brighter horizons.

Regardless of his nefarious interests, he managed to nab a menial job... that wasn't dreadfully boring to him. He was the guy you called when you wanted something to crumble to the ground, or collapse in a pile of ash.

In three words, it's easy to sum up Senya:

Here Comes Trouble.

"But I've had one too many cigarettes burning up my lungs
Had the taste of one too many lips hanging of my tongue, oh, oh
Sunday morning getting high, drinking here alone
Thinking up a brand new alibi for not coming home, oh, oh
And I'm sorry I lie so much

I'm not a saint, but I could be if I tried
Lord knows I've got habits to break
I'm really good at being good at goodbyes
I'm gonna give you fair warning that I
I'm not a saint, but I could be if I tried
Lord knows I don't learn from mistakes.....

I'm gonna give you fair warning that I
Will be the reason for the tears in your eyes."
-Billy Raffoul, I'm Not A Saint
Additional Notes:
Chemical Warfare
Destroying his liver and lungs little by little
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