Nasir Wyrmling

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King of Valentia
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Tall, dark, and handsome with striking gray eyes and a closely-trimmed beard; fit and trim, and in his late twenties.

(Gilles Chevalier)
The King of Valentia
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Forced to witness the execution of his father and brothers, Nasir was spared that same fate only to be exiled from his home for fear he might usurp the throne. He fled to the neighboring country of Carib, where he spent three years in exile, learning the ways of the Horse Lords and patiently awaiting his uncle's demise so that he could return home to claim his rightful place.

With his uncle and all other heirs to the throne deceased, it has been left to Nasir to assume the role of king and bring peace and tranquility to Valentia once more.

One of the first things he did as king was claim Safiya Terliran as his wife. Now that she has given him a son (Prince Osman), he has made her his queen.
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