The Graycloak Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Aegus of Stonecreed
Place of Origin:
Porshen on the continent of Saribek on the world of Valkspar
The clouds of conflict were always on the horizon. The warhawk had never known peace to last long in Valkspar. Had there ever been a reason to put his sword down too long, he might have rather died young.

Those years of warfare and travel have aged him to look to be in his late forties, but he's only midway through his late thirties. Scars litter his body to tell unspoken tales and hardships. Regardless, he seems amaranthine in ways and appearance.

He's six-one tall and two hundred ten pounds. Muscle lays lean against the bones without too much bulk. Hair is shoulder-length mixed brown and gray. His beard is kept cropped short and neat against his jaw.

Bistre colored tunic and black leather britches along with a pair of boots are usually worn unless there's a reason for him to wear better clothing. A shortsword, dagger, garrote, and supply bags hang from his belt. A crop is in his right boot. Other weapons are not so readily seen.

His black eyes are so dark that they don't reflect much. Crows feet are starting to deepen at the corner of his eyes.

The cloak he wears keeps most of his form and what he carries hidden. Graycloaks are what the Sentinels are sometimes nicknamed because of the garment itself. It is made of heavy, gray leather with patterns of a Sentienl's position who is in the duty of her majesty, the Lady of Saribek.

Stonecreed is reticent and watchful. Taverns and inns are places to meet with others or relax with mead while listening to song.

He's a stranger in most of the lands that are outside of Valkspar. Traditions and ways he might have could be starkly different than how others live their lives.

Aegus is a Graycloak and a saged member of that guard for and to the King of Porshen, but he is not the High Constable.

When he's not in his graycloak, he is still wearing the thick, silver ring and leather emblem of the Graycloaks on the right breast of his jerkin.
A Graycloak: Sentinel and protectorate in the service of his house and to the King of Porshen.
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Aegus of Stonecreed
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