Eric Sanders Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Eric Sanders
Once human
Place of Origin:
Something happens to a man on the field of war. To see the pure, senseless chaos of explosions, gun fire and death up close and personal. Especially to be the one plugging up the gaping holes created by said chaos with what amounts to a feminine hygiene products and lying through your teeth to good soldiers that they of course were going to make it back home to kiss their loved ones on holidays.

When Eric faced down death itself he'd welcomed it with open arms. Except he was mistaken as to what was beyond that white light.

He is an unassuming man standing about five-foot-ten with an easy going smile and soulful brown eyes, dark brown hair with a mild wave kept a little past his chin, but often swept up into a messy bun. He almost always keeps a full beard, neatly trimmed.

His left hand appears to be charred black, but fully functional. Should he wear short sleeves the black extends all the way to his elbow in veins.
Former field medic turned bartender
Additional Notes:
It will be clear to those who have such senses that Eric is not currently human, but not clear what he is. A flavor of undead, fire, and brimstone.

The only abilities he clearly displays is that he can make a wicked good drink.

More to come.
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