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Character Name:
Peter Radcliffe
Mostly human
Place of Origin:
London, a long time ago.
A boy of about ten years of age with reddish brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Once known as Peter Pan, he left a dying Neverland behind to come to RhyDin and experience the greatest adventure of all - that of growing up.

Raised by fairies, Peter understands their language and knows how to fly, but other than that, he is mostly normal.

(Levi Miller)

His lives with his adoptive parents James and Ashlyn Radcliffe, his little sister Cora, his dog Chewy, his fairy friend Snowdrop, and his frog Lucy. His bestest friend in all of RhyDin is Lyneth Granger.
He's a kid!
Additional Notes:
Skills include flying, speaking with fairies, and swordplay.

((This character is very loosely based on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.  No copyright infringement is intended. It's just for fun!))
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"Growing up will be an awfully big adventure."