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Slane Holcomb
An Angel with a Stumble
No one was perfect, Gabe would remind you of that anytime you thought you were getting somewhere close to good. He had always thought he had it figured out. Mistakes, like horrible outcomes, always happened to other people. He had never been a jerk about angels that had fallen, or only half angels, but he had looked down his nose at them. That seemed a little more ironic, now.
Additional Notes:
For the past fifty years, Slane had been working as a scribe with a few of the churches in Europe, attempting to clean his slate. Nothing really seemed to help and the path to redemption felt further and further away. It wasn't that Heaven was perfect, but there was a reason people called it Heaven. It was where his heart wanted to be. Anyone who had been there knew what it was like to miss out on that.

Fifty years had made him salty about it. When Gabriel came by and off-handedly mentioned that there was a way to fast track it, he felt his pulse race for the first time in years. Finally, some hope! Some hope in the form of...

... I have to do what, now?
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