Aludariel Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Aludariel Sun'vael, Wind Cutter
Qualinesti Elf
Not all elves are tall, blonde, and even tempered. Some are short, dark, and mercurial. Ali was the latter of the two. At two inches above five feet, she was "tall" for her kind. Still, that was 62 inches of "I will cut you" packed into a lithe 110 pound frame. She was a duchess of the High Court... once upon a time. Those days are long since past, having been traded for the rough and tumble of life on her own, far, far away from those expectations, and worse yet, the memories of what could have been.

Her hair, a midnight black that could make a raven's wing look pale, stopped near her mid back though more often than not it was worn in a tail or thick plait. Her eyes were green, the shade of emerald that gems were cut from. Smiles were a slow coming thing, just a spark here and there that seldom caught. The scars were many, scored across tanned skin and each their own mark of pride for a girl given over to the way of the warrior.
Sword for Hire
Additional Notes:
Handy with a blade or a bow, no slouch with air based magic, a stubborn temper, and a near suicidal recklessness.
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