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Character Name:
Homo Sapien Superior
Place of Origin:
Wolvinator is a Caucasian human looking individual standing about 1.77 meters (5'10'') in height and weighing in around 143 kg (315 lbs.) He has a very athletic physique, looking quite muscular yet slender and agile at the same time, definitely not the 315 lbs. that is registered; there is more to that than meets the eye to this man.

The vigorous training he puts himself through clearly shows through in his well maintained form. He has short brown hair, with a thinly lined reddish brown beard that forms into a mustache and goatee. His eyes are a light sky blue, that seem to match the texture of his face quite well.

His overall appearance would seem to point him out to be young individual, in his mid twenties, yet he does appear to be peppered with age and wisdom far beyond his years. This man has been around a lot longer than his physical appearance would lead one to believe.

He wears a long brown robe that covers his entire body. The robe itself has an over sized hood on it, that he normally wears up to conceal his face. Underneath is a slender black bodysuit with various pockets and usually an insignia on his left breast. Black boots, and fingerless black leather gloves also accompany his attire. At times he has been known to carry two twin firearms, a Type II Hand Phaser, and an ivory hilted Katana.
Special Operations Manager - S.E.F.F., Rear Admiral (Upper Half) - Federation Starfleet
Additional Notes:
Exquisitely skilled in most forms of combat. Yet he has yet to reveal much of them as of late. Rather keeping his abilities reserved so not to allow his enemies any advantage over him. Engaged to Alystrianna D'Vaustaival as of May 2nd, 2008; Beltane Friday; and married to her as of May 1st 2010; Beltane Saturday.

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