Simon Toews Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Simon Anthony Toews
Place of Origin:
Rhydin, born and raised
Standing 6 foot nothin'.  Blonde hair, blue eyes.  

Good looks remain despite a hard-lived life fighting for fun, fortune, and survival.

He sports a series of tattoos on his arms and chest.  One would have really be looking to notice the one over his heart, bearing the name "Cici".

Scars litter his deceptively strong, slim body.  His knuckles bear the evidence of several years spent in bare-knuckle brawls.  They have been broken several times and never healed correctly, giving them a slightly misshapen appearance, while also making them hard as rock when bashed into an opponent's face.

Despite his sometimes violent disposition and penchant for beating a man within an inch of his life, Simon's fairly easy going, finding it easy to blend into a crowd when he as to.  He is friendly to people unless they give him reason not to be

A life of violence, loss, and redemption has changed him dramatically.  He is quieter, more reserved, and has left the life of a cage fighter behind him.  These days he holds down honest work, doing security and bodyguard work for hire.  

His usual black t-shirt and jeans combo left behind for a three piece suit these days.  Style however doesn't hide who he is.  Those tats and scars remain, memories of a life he's trying desperately to leave behind.
Professional Bodyguard
Additional Notes:
He is not a trained martial artist, mixing different moves and styles he's witnessed over the years at will.  He is gifted at improvising during combat.  Trains regularly as a marksman, and is a highly skilled driver.
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"You can run on for a long time.  But sooner or later, God'll cut you down."