Frankie Dixon Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Partly human, partly something else.
Place of Origin:
Spent most his life in Georgia.
He takes what he is much better than his mother, often joking about how it "saves him on Halloween costumes". Growing at a faster rate than pure humans, he's 14 years old but looks closer to his twenties and progressively slowed in aging over the past few months. The only problem he has is the fact that his mother, Leah, only looks a few small years older than him, often mistaken as her little brother instead of her son.

He was welcomed and accepted by K who was not only his mother's boss but her friend, though he doesn't understand why her and a few others she knows keep giving him strange looks. Or why she keeps asking Leah who his father is.

He's got the mentality of a teenage boy, do the math.
Often found in Atlanta, Georgia working as a bus boy for a Burlesque Club called "Elektra-Nude" when his mother wasn't working.

Now? He's in Rhy'Din as a tag-along while his mother is on a job for some chick with a hair salon. At least, that's what he grasped on the matter.
Distinguishable marks/scars/body mods:
- Sparrow tattoo on the side of his neck, as well as the top of his right hand.
-"Reckless" tattooed on his pelvis.
-"Death Before Dishonor" tattoo on his forearm.
- "Mischief" across his knuckles.
- A tiny upside cross beneath his left eye on his cheekbone.
- 1/2" gauges in his ears.

((Those able to see through illusions would likely see what he is underneath. Being only partial of that "other" classification of his species, he only takes some of the physical traits. Greyish flesh, jagged teeth with elongated canines. Eyes that look to have fire trapped in his irises. Pointed ears. The closest description to explain it would be a demon-goblin.))
Professional Pain in the Ass.
Additional Notes:
His mother can regenerate her limbs and raise the dead, he's not all that sure what he can do just yet. Though there were rumors that his species could potentially cause leprosy.

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