Quill Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Quill: Ciar Aed: Bolcán
Daoine Sidhe
Place of Origin:
The first impression of Quill generally tends to be his wings. Even when furled they arch high above his head and trail down to drag on the ground behind him. Black as his hair, prehensile strands coat the surface, trailing in tendrils from the edges. Generally, it looks like a long hair. At the finger-joint of each a talon protrudes to take the place of a thumb, similar to the claw of a cat, though non-retractile and well suited to climbing.

Physically, the fey is unlikely to appear imposing without the wings. A few inches under six feet tall, he's muscular enough to maintain flight, but not massively overbuilt. His hair extends past his shoulders, and a strip of short strands runs down his spine in a mane from nape to mid-back, linking to his wings.

It's impossible to wear any shirt with those wings spanning from shoulders to thighs, but he does usually wear pants or a kilt, usually of light, soft leather. Or, rather, the illusion of it. It's very rare for Quill to wear any real clothing.

Finger and toenails come to points. Teeth are suited to the diet of an obligate carnivore. His eyes vary according to the light and situation, from solid black in full darkness to solid white in glaring light, but usually some shade in between. There's no iris or pupil, the entire surface receptive. A variable number of scars litter his skin, some fading rapidly, others lingering, sometimes gone altogether.

Sometimes, Quill is seen with a black dog. A large mixed-breed, Sean has an intact tail but his ears were cropped short at a young age.
Additional Notes:
Illusion is a skill that Quill uses frequently and naturally, though his ability has limits. He can effect minor changes to his physique in a similar manner to shape-shifting - elongating fingernails into pronounced claws, extruding blades of bone from his normal bones, as two examples. He has strong regenerative abilities, and a natural affinity for volcanism.

Physically, Quill is Sidhe. By skill proclivity, he is of the Daoine social caste. There's a bit more than that going on spiritually, but that would not normally be discernible.
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