Natasha Romanoff Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Natasha Prescott
Place of Origin:
Stalingrad, Russia
DOB: November 22, 1984
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 Lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Raised in the Soviet Union, trained from a young age in espionage and assassination, Natasha isn't even her birth name. For better or for worse, she defected from the KGB after a sordid career of high profile hits and operations, joining S.H.I.E.L.D. at the behest of Director Nick Fury. One of the best in the world, she was a part of the Avengers Initiative from the beginning.

*Married to Colin Prescott
Master assassin and spy
Additional Notes:
"Natasha Romanoff is one of the most talented spies and lethal assassins in the world, being said by her instructor Madame B. to be the best student in the Red Room, never failing a single test. Both the KGB and S.H.I.E.L.D. considered her as one of their most dangerous operatives. Highly skilled in martial arts and hand to hand combat, she also possesses computer hacking skills and training in psychology. Romanoff's extraordinary skill-set has made her a core member of the Avengers, despite not being applied to the initiative." (From

((OOC - This interpretation of Natasha Romanoff is based on the character as portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has been a part of the Crash and Burn forum's storyline from early on, and as such, has not experienced the Marvel canon events from the end of the first Avengers movie. Please forgive any discrepancies or inaccuracies deemed necessary for the sake of the story.

DISCLAIMER: The character of Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, does not belong to me, but to Marvel Comics. I am portraying her here for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.))
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[color=darkred:8340a39584][size=9:8340a39584][i:8340a39584][b:8340a39584]She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.[/b:8340a39584][/i:8340a39584][/size:8340a39584][/color:8340a39584]