Mallory Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Mallory St. Martin
Place of Origin:
Mallory is skinny and rather long-limbed, average height though her figure makes her seem taller. Her vibrant green eyes are usually ringed in black eyeshadow, and narrowed in wary suspicion as often as mischief or play. She has two black horns, like those of a ram, starting near her brow and curling behind her ears. Her throat, fingers, and wrists are usually adorned with a variety of trinkets that serve both practical and symbolic purposes.

She has a growing collection of tattoos, at least a few of them visible at any given time:
* A rooster-headed creature with snakes for legs on her upper chest
* Knotted red rope around her left ring finger, down her left outer forearm, and around her elbow
* Brambles winding through a broken mirror on her left inner forearm
* Medieval-style linework of a knight decapitating a serpent on the outside of her left upper arm
* The wind deity Notus, framed in wind and fire, on the inside of her left upper arm
* A black imp mid-shriek on her right outer forearm
* A lantern with a three-pointed golden star on her right inner forearm
* Four broken wakizashi on the outside of her right upper arm
* A horned masquerade-style mask on the inside of her right upper arm
* Three blackthorn flowers between her neck and left shoulder
* Two goblets on the nape of her neck, one inverted, each flanked by the Roman numerals XIV, with water flowing between them
* A forked tongue curled behind her right ear
* A skull on her left shoulderblade with flowers blooming from its eye sockets and a carpet of ivy flowing from its mouth
* A comet with a long blue tail across her left side
* "NIHIL OBSTAT" encircling a small diamond on her right shoulderblade
* A Gorgoneion, a snake-haired and boar-tusked face in black, green and violet, between her shoulderblades
* RhyDin's smaller moon waxing, its larger moon waning, on her right mid-to-lower back
* A spectral face howling in agony zigzagging around the scars on her right side
* A Japanese ice castle on her left hip
* Two four-pointed sapphire-colored stars on the left side of her waist
* Three red mullet fish circling a wheel of bones on her left upper thigh
* A crooked golden tree wound above her left knee, spilling leaves of green flame down her shin
* A red imprint of a skeleton key on her left calf, suspended by threads that follow her blood vessels
* An emerald ring, wreathed in shadows, around her left ankle
* Four drachma (coins), starting on her right hip and ending on her right upper thigh, depicting Alexander, Taurus, Hecate, and Leo
* Three clawed hands wound together, clutching a skeletal ouroboros and forming a triskelion
* Thin belladonna vines winding around her right calf
* Three pink, blood-ringed bubbles on her right ankle
Hexing, warding, fortune-telling
Additional Notes:
The power that Mallory wields is the result of years spent learning the rules that govern black magic and countless hours of practice, though it was an infernal pact that provided the spark, and her own blood now serves as its focus. She has memorized dozens of spells, suited to a wide range of tasks that include simple cantrips, vicious hexes, and ancient rituals. Her body has been changing slowly since she began dabbling in blood magic, and wounds on her left arm linger for as little as a moment...

She has been both schooled and self-taught in a variety of ancient languages, history, and mythology, gleaning the secrets of esoteric knowledge from the generations of scholars, magicians, and dabblers that preceded her.
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