Miles Bradan Wyrmling

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Duke of Cluaine Mor
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Miles Bradan
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Exceptionally tall with striking blue eyes and brown hair, he might at first glance seem a bit pampered, but there is intelligence in his gaze, strength in his character, and kindness in his heart.

(Armie Hammer)
Royal Champion / Duke of Cluaine Mor
Additional Notes:
As the second son of Baron Bradan of Carib, there were few expectations of him growing up, and as such, his parents - especially his mother - indulged him a little. He spent most of his young life learning about the world around him and about his place in it, never expecting to one day find himself the second most powerful man in all of Carib.

Married to Elspeth Greville, Princess of Carib and Duchess of Cluaine Mor. The couple has two children - fraternal twins Alistair Henry & Arabella Jane.
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