Kasimir Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Kasimir Aslanov
Place of Origin:
Madrassul, Earth (one of many variations)
The son of lies, far reaching and never harmlessly white.

Kasimir fell far short of his country's ideals, where dark eyed true-bloods of the Eurasian borders were de rigueur upon a woman's arm and the anemic pale of northerly neighbours suffered the stereotypical snark of questionable virility.

He sat firmly straddling the proverbial fence, deep-set eyes like green-lace jasper and hair a dull ash brown that lightened under a summer sun to gilt shades, a faded glory he kept back swept and frequently unruly. Despite his propensity to pale in the winter months, spring invariably browned his skin and he'd height enough at six feet and three inches that he'd seldom need to lift his eyes for anyone.

Kasimir Aslanov didn't make a habit of doing that. Too obdurate, too close to becoming a renegade liability for the good of his keepers.

His nose was too bluntly broad for perfection, but anything less would have seemed too slight beneath the louring brows. Instead it balanced the lantern-jawed, stubble roughened region of his lower face where his mouth served to deliver demi-monde smiles and congenial neutrality with infinite ease.

Long limbed, but far from lanky, there was potential in his broad shouldered frame for more muscle than he cared to carry. Instead he maintained the lean but substantial mass needed for brute brawling and fleet footed agility in equal measure.
Internal Affairs Investigator
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"There is no escape, we pay for the violence of our ancestors."

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