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Character Name:
Raven Knight
Looks like a typical Human
Place of Origin:
New Orleans, La
Raven Knight is her on-air name. Those from her past know her as Mercy Babineaux. She has more names then most due to her mother's European decent. Raven/Mercy however, finds them redundant.

Mercy holds bachelor's degrees Broadcast journalism & communications with a minor in English Literature.

Her work experience over the past few years has been as a music DJ for various nightclubs and bars throughout the city of New Orleans. She was one of the on air personalities for W-T.U.L. Radio during her time at the university that hosted the station.

She is fresh out of college and has landed a job with M-STAR broadcasting under her on-air name "Raven Knight". There she spins tunes from 80's and upwards of the Gothic genre. Mercy also writes poetry and short stories as a side hobby.
DJ with M-STAR Broadcasting. An affiliate of Shadowdown LLC.
Additional Notes:
Mercy is a slight girl with large, haunting pale blue eyes. Her soft hair is jet black and currently worn in a short, choppy bob. She favors the gothic style of her time. Leather, velvet, satin, brocade and lace reminicent of the re-emergence of vampies, witches and other aspects of the trend, was the fashion of choice. (that being the late 80's and into the 90's. sans "Big hair".) She has a serene, cultivated tone to her voice which makes her very good at what she does.

Like many Goth kids, she's prone to being introspective, however she doesn't often become maudlin or moody. Although she does have her moments for such afflictions.

She is naturally quiet but being an avid people watcher that isn't unusual. She has been known to talk to herself but claims it's just a quirk of her nature. Many people talk to themself after all.

As is the case with everyone, Mercy does have her secrets but she isn't likely going to volunteer to share them. She does not care to invite her insanity out to have sweet tea on the veranda and show it off to everyone n' their Mama. Such being a typical Southern way of reveling in their crazy. She prefers to hide it in her closet of skeltons instead.
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"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?"
Edgar Allan Poe