Craig Cleric Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Craig Cleric/Craig Christ
Pride Demon
Place of Origin:
New Zealand
Craig will dress in a wide range of ways, but his favorite and most often style he turns to are skinny jeans or slim fit slacks, a short-sleeve button up shirt with a vest and bow tie. Or a long sleeve dress shirt. On occasion, even a full suit though he prefers bow ties over plain ties in most circumstances.

Though his prominent sin was Pride, it wasn't what everyone would expect. When someone comes to terms with Pride, one expects arrogance, even cockiness, perhaps vanity and being full of themselves, right? Not in Craig's case. When he died, he got a first class ticket Downtown. It turned out that his natural lack of pride, shame and making himself a spectacle to be made of was in the fine print of Pride's description.

In life, he was bright spirited, positive to the point of obnoxiousness (the 'silver lining' kinda guy), and could most often be caught singing ridiculous songs in pubs and coffee shops with his crude and terrible best friend, Jude and his Anti-Christ girlfriend Sindell (Dell). He was quick to be the butt of the joke, and even quicker to crack the first joke in his own expense. He reveled in other's laughter, their smiles, even if he was the reason by people laughing at him instead of with him. But that never changed his cheery disposition.

Even finding himself in the fiery South End of the totem pole, it didn't change him in the least. Dell, an Anti-Christ, had managed to loophole her way into Heaven by the ultimate redemption of self sacrifice a ways before Craig's own death. That reunion never able to be made as they went in different directions. Later reunited with Jude, he'd changed. Everything he knew, excluding himself, had changed.

He'd promised the others, spat it in some, and vowed to himself that he wouldn't let being a demon change him. He remained the same goofball jester who would sing songs dedicated to others, often making fun of others lightheartedly in the midst. He caught the attention of the original Anti-Christ, Belial, a cambion who took him under his wing and made the terrible excuse of a Pride demon his own personal jester and foot stool.

Everything seemed dandy, but time can be a cruel mistress. Heaven wouldn't accept him. He still held far too much humanity for Hell. Even the strange collection of Aether's Freak Show, he wasn't enough of a freak for them, only able to toss his voice into their performances.

Even in a family of freaks, the Cleric bloodline being nothing but a scramble of John Cleric's children from all over the world. (John seemingly had an inability to keep his own 'john' in his pants.) What happens when you're the black sheep of a family of black sheep? Where do you go then?

Trying to find his own place in the world, knowledge and lack of belonging has worn down the shameless demon. Yet, no one could ever tell by the toothy, wide smile and optimistic words spoken, it was only the thoughts no one would ever hear that contradicts with how he portrays himself. And it's unlikely he'll ever admit it.
Village Idiot and Entertainer; Shanachie actor and guest pianist 2017-2018
Additional Notes:
Learning under the Prince of Lies, Belial, himself.. He learned a few tricks. Not caring much for being skilled in the art of lying, he preferred to learn ways to read others. Lying to him is a difficult feat, taking immense amounts of know-how and restraint, you'd likely have to have no tells or a damn near perfect poker face.

He's a performer. Immaculate with voice, piano, guitar, theater and acting. You can often find him in the Marketplace or on some curb doing something to entertain people in town. Or perhaps found in various coffee shops and pubs.
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