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Character Name:
"Angelic" Lilim.
Place of Origin:
The life of an Angel in Hell was never easy. That could be said. As a daughter of Lilith, who most assumed to be a demon but was actually the first human created on Earth, and Asmodai, a Gregory Angel who's domain was Lust. Though for reasons unknown to Kokabiel, she was lead to believe she was the daughter of Lucifer, playing princess of Hell for the majority of her life. Her angelic heritage seeming plausible as Lucifer was a fallen angel. So she believed the lie until it came to light that her father was actually Asmodai.

Being the youngest of 9 girls, herself and her other sensible sisters that included Mynardi, Harper and Angel took no part in the jealousy games of a group of 5 Lilim that decided to band together to try to wipe out others for the idiotic role of 'favorite'. A spot that was no more than a fable, the smarter sisters knowing full well that Lilith would never choose a favored child. With Mynardi being a daddy's girl, she spent most of her time working as a soldier for their father. Harper was hardly around, taking the first chance she got to leave Hell and be on her own way. An incident that involved Angel had them all thinking she was dead, suicide to be precise. From the bubbly and sweet Lilim, it was hard information for any of them to handle. Kokabiel herself spent the majority of her time with Hell's "Envy", Leviathon.

Her mother's best friend and guardian angel (though fallen, and having taken up the name of Beelzebub being Hell's "Gluttony") had taken the youngest Lilim in, as he had for many of the sister before Kokabiel. Across the hall from her half-sister, Jynxx, who had rebelled against every word spoken from the fallen angel Bael, she was the one who taught Kokabiel how to live. Whether that was a good or bad idea, considering the nefarious acts that Jynxx found herself in as well as being a 'succubus' abomination. Keeping the worst away from the baby of the Lilim, she did her best to protect and teach her how to live more than even Kokabiel fully knows.

Though others viewed it as Kokabiel hiding behind the strongest in Hell, the Archetypes that included Belphegor (Sloth), Hammon (Greed), Leviathon (Envy), and Gluttony (Bael). Finding friendship in others such as Aim (Hell's Gossip Queen) who became the gossip loving Lilim's best friend, Cain (the one who created murder), Lucifer's children: Helez and Belial (The Prince of Lies) and Adramelech (who might as well be the Walter of Butlers and not one to mess with, being Lucifer's right hand man). Kokabiel never viewed it as riding their coat-tails nor hiding behind the strongest. Her intentions were innocent in trying to live the best as she possibly could within the confines of Hell's horrid walls.

Between dodging her envious sister's attacks, trying to fight Beel's overprotective nature and trying to live her life, she managed to leave Hell with the help of her half-sister, Jynxx. Like any rebellious teenager, she snuck out, partied, and found love. A man named Kiba stole her heart, and she assumed him to be her happy-ever-after. Little did she know of his personal dilemmas, and he disappeared, leaving her broken and unable to fill the void left behind.  

Years of resentment, grieving and longing for the love lost, she couldn't find happiness with another man. The Prince Charming that had disappeared without a hint of closure or a note, no other man added up to her expectations or standards. Leaving her jumping from man to man, with women thrown in between, she couldn't find what she was seeking so it ended just as quickly as it began.

Time grew and the title "Angel of Seduction" arose, a title she took on and warped into her reputation. Spending more and more time on Earth, she grew to love humans. Their simplicity, their passion. She knew there was corruption in the streets, but finding company of the best of humans… She wanted nothing more than to be one. She tried, she lived like a human, even going to college after college, building a name for herself of various aliases. Taking vessels to successfully live as a human while keep her supernatural identity hidden.

Now… she's dropped the vessels. She's herself and she plans to stay that way.
She's a bleeding heart, someone who cares too much, frequently calls people pet names like "honey, sweetie, sweetheart". She gets attached quickly, and rambles to the point of obnoxiousness. But she's loyal and willing to do what she can for those she cares about.

Some basic information : 5'1". Blonde. Blue eyes that have added shades of grey or green now and then. Styles of clothing changes frequently due to being a very influential and adaptable character.

((Stay tuned. This is a very old character (8+ years), with a very large back story. Profile's a bit rocky, but will be updated now and then.))


Second Note: Yes, I'm aware this bitch may be long and annoying to read. But if you made it to the end, congratulations. You now know how friggin' annoying Kokabiel is. GOOD LUCK RHY'DIN.
Top Surgeon in 3 different countries. Therapist/Counselor. Lawyer. Burlesque Club Owner. Comedian.
Additional Notes:
Weapons of choice :
- Dual Sai's. A skilled fighter in the art, taught by Mynardi and Beelzebub.
- "Peacemaker" is her prized possession. 1873 Colt Single Action Army .45 Revolver, Peacemaker model. Can kill anything. Ammo is very scarce, creator of bullets unknown. Only used when no other options are available. 18 bullets left. ((Currently stolen))

Angelic abilities :
- Angelic flight.
- Healing.
- Taking vessels, but only with permission.

Miscellaneous abilities :
- Cooking.
- Counselling.
- Medical.
- Legal counseling and cases.
- Some knowledge of cars (mostly muscle cars of the 80s and before).
- Trivial knowledge.
- Superb fashion sense as well as makeup/hair.  
- Dancing.

Quirks and traits :
- Rambles.
- Drinks too much.
- Very emotional.
- Someone that her favorite human calls "a shipper".
- Can be nosy, but out of care or concern.
- Non-judgmental.
- VERY influential.
- Football fan. Patriots all the way. Has an unhealthy interest in Tom Brady.
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