Nicanora Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Nicanora Gabriela Rafaela Truecross
Nephilim (Angel blooded human)
Place of Origin:
Alicante born, Madrid educated, Miami raised
At first glance, she is endless legs and copper toned chestnut hair and intelligent golden brown eyes. Nigh on six feet in heels, Nica (as she is called by friends) is nowhere near the delicate flower that one might be (mis)led to believe. There is subtle but well honed power in those long limbs, like tension in coiled springs just waiting to burst. It's easily masked by proportions befitting beauty queens, courtesy of a mother long gone to the chagrin of a father still here. All dangerous curves and flirtatious smiles, it would be easy to mistake her for one of the sun-bronzed beach bunnies of South Florida if it weren't for the numerous runes and scars that cover her skin.

The Marks speak of angelic power and agility, balance and strength, stamina and Sight, all etched in crisp burned black that still finds a way to stand out against her tanned skin. The more visible ones include the Sight rune that looks like an ornate eye on the back of her left hand, the curved language rune on the left side of her neck, and the small memory rune on the backside of her right wrist. Others peek out on her chest, the backs of her arms, and along her legs. Up close, pale silver colored scarring covers the rest of her flesh from throat to toe in varying degrees of intensity.
Additional Notes:
Isn't that a good question?

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