Zver Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Not so human.... again...
Place of Origin:
Cold Harbor
One hell of a curly Jew fro, he stands at 6'0. Considered lanky, looking even scrawnier due to the fact he usually wears loose clothing. Beneath is compact muscle built from years of Track and what Earth calls "parkour" though he just calls "running to survive" where he's from.

Once a demon and Filth creature who belonged to Erebus, a psychopath with trauma-induced sociopathy from his monster of a mother. Tortured by old ways of psychology based treatments to turn him into a ruthless killer, forcing him into a state of ultimate disconnect from his guilty conscious and emotions. Safe to say, it worked. Though murder wasn't a crime in his homeland, when he arrived on Earth through the use of the alternate universe mirror-theory, he started wracking up multitudes of crimes. Anything between terrorism, murder, identity theft, hacking of government facilities... the list goes on.

All behind the face of Kitra Voronov's twin sister, of whom he altered her appearance through use of hormones and demonic magic to make "she" a "he". All records under Kitra Voronov's name, the alternate-universe him, considered the "mirror version of himself". In order to be on Earth where she was, he threw her through the mirror into Cold Harbor, thus trapping her there.

He spent 15 years completely ruining her life, her reputation, making her wanted in a variety of countries for an astounding number of crimes that she had no knowledge of.

Guilty conscious, feelings he didn't understand now swimming around in his head. Re-learning how to be human again, and not doing all that great at it. The adventures have just begun again.


He has a weird dog-wolf-lycan thing that's somehow practically become his damn kid, goes by the name of Zimushka (Zim). Don't ask him, he doesn't understand it either.

He's also married. One of those "it happened" sort of ordeals. During a body-swap scenario, basically the worst version of Freaky Friday one could come up with. Body tattoos, nipple piercings, getting the man-in-a-woman's body Zver drunk and prank-marrying him. Shizz went down, government found him and locked him up for a month, his crazy wife broke him out of jail, it was all so touching in the midst of chaos. Long story short, a prank marriage... they've somehow found each other committed and care about each other in their weird way.

Disgusting, right?

The imbecile that got close to him instead of running away like she probably should've, Keirra Owens.


"I will not apologize." - Zver.


To even the field, and match the bullet wound scar on his left ass cheek from Ko, he now has a bite wound on Righty from one Zimushka. That one... will never go away.


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Additional Notes:
Other than appearance, the fact he can feel emotions and has a newly gained conscious, not much has changed about him. Not outwardly anyways... Inside? That boy's brain is more scrambled than that curly ass hair of his.

He's still a douchebag, he's still impulsive, he's still "Russian" (Cold Harbor's mirror version of Russia), and he's still pretty great at pissing everyone off.

WWW link is the link to his old profile. (Reasons for not revamping the profile.)
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