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Character Name:
Keirra Owens
Place of Origin:
Her mother's womb, she likes to imagine.
Her hair color tends to change a lot, one day it's curly and blonde, another it's wavy and pink, but currently, it's wavy and raven. Her eyes are the same icy blue they've always been.

*The entire back of her torso is covered with jagged, fresh scars.
*There's a swollen scar on her right, outer thigh.
*On the back of her neck, she has a tarot card tattoo that she had done with Mark. Now distorted after a bite from Zver that won't ever fade.
*On her very low pelvis, she has a text tattoo reading "Property of Zver" with two little koalas on each side.
*From a very unfortunate tomato soup incident, she carries a lightning bolt scar on her forehead Potter style. It may or may not burn whenever someone turns on a microwave in her area.
*Her hips are pierced as well as her nipples.

Has a very complicated relationship with Zver. Once married to him and then upon his death, became a widow. Now she's engaged to the weird human version of him.

She's been released from Lisa, but has not found herself in trouble with Sawyer. Including but not limited to: night terrors, PTSD, depression, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol addiction, paranoia...etc.
Additional Notes:
Mastering the art of pick pocketing has given her kleptomaniac tendencies. She’s a master thief, lock pick, and has the fastest hands of anyone in her circle.

For no other reason but to be a show-off, Keirra has honed her acrobatic skills too, and has become something of a free-runner. She’s flexible, and quick—and if she lets herself get healthy enough, she’s damn near unstoppable.

Wears a strange necklace with a butterfly charm, enchanted for protection.

Other skills include; Giving stupid nicknames. Clever insults and euphemisms. Almost inhuman ability to hold her liquor. Stealing panties.

***Heads up! This character is pretty offensive at times! You definitely need a sense of humor and thick skin to enjoy this character.. If you are easily offended, please avoid interacting with said character.***
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