Red Dawn Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Mori-Zhu Xia
Place of Origin:
Kingdom of Hiryuu
They told her that her hair was like that of the first blush of dawn. A rich, robust red that stood out as blood would across fresh snow. So unusual of a color for those born from Hiryuu to have. Upon birth, the nobles refrained from looking too long at her, afraid that such beauty would curse them for gawking. Her father once spoke of her eyes as if they had been offered by the beasts of fable to see the truth in mans heart. Often as dark as ochre but outlined in a supple ecru like that of the new fawns of spring. She never grew too tall, never stayed too short, and her body was built with grace in mind; she was not meant to be anything other than royal elegance but the story she was to be part of had drastically changed over the years.
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