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Character Name:
Robert Stephen "Bobby" Singer
Place of Origin:
DOB: 8/12/50
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 Ft. 1 In.
Weight: 190 Lbs.

(Jim Beaver)
Hunter and part-owner of B&E's Salvage Yard
Additional Notes:
The product of an abusive father, Bobby never speaks of his childhood or his parents. He became a hunter after the death of his first wife, Karen, who had been possessed by a demon. A few years later, he met and married Ellen after she lost her own husband to vampires. Together the couple helped raise the Winchester boys, who they thought of as sons, as they had no children of their own. Family is extremely important to Bobby, and though he has no blood relatives of his own, there is nothing he won't do for those he considers family.

Disclaimer: The character of Bobby Singer is the creation of Eric Kripke and belongs to Supernatural. I am only portraying him here for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.
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