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Character Name:
George Bradford
Place of Origin:
London, England
Blond hair, blue eyes, six feet three inches tall with a slim build.

(Paul Bettany)
Medical Doctor/Surgeon
Additional Notes:
The second son of an Earl, his formal title and full name is Lord George Arthur Frederick Bradford. Born in 1884, he was a surgeon with the rank of Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Great War, where he served in a Casualty Clearing Station in France. It was toward the end of the war that he found himself inexplicably swept away from the bloodshed and unceremoniously deposited in RhyDin.

He's had some time to adjust to life in RhyDin and try to forget the horrors of war, but he hasn't been entirely successful. Haunted by those he left behind, most of his time and energy is spent trying to save those he can save, unable to forget those he could not. He is currently employed with RhyDin General Hospital.

Married Gabrielle Granger 6/12/16 at Maple Grove.

Theodore & Jacob - DOB 5/10/13 (stepsons)
Tara Violet & Sadie Georgina - DOB 5/30/20
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