Beck Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Rebecca Rawlins
Place of Origin:
New York..?
Inhuman blue eyes, tattooed skin, and a tongue that drips with insincerity are pretty much the only notable things about her. She stands at 5'4'' with a slim, toned body.

Never having had so much as a paper cut, Beck is pretty insensitive when it comes to other peoples' pain--even if she doesn't mean to be.

Emotionally unavailable, doesn't make friends easily, she is without interest in relationships at the moment.
Additional Notes:
Though she wouldn't actually call them "skills," here is a list of things Beck is good at...

Being indestructible.


Blowing things up with her bare hands. (Fun fact: she may or may not be responsible for 90% of the Marketplace explosions.)

Being able to tell when someone has done it, or wants to do it. (Make of it what you will.)

(Beck looks to be about 110 pounds, but she actually weighs about 600 pounds.)
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Because I crush everything..
Everything I want, I take
Everything I love, I break
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