Addie MacKenzie Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Adelaide Victoria Masters MacKenzie
Human/Dragon Hybrid
Place of Origin:
Rhydin of 2031
Purple-black hair touched with random white highlights brushes at her shoulder blades unless pulled up into a loose ponytail. Eyes the color of supernaturally bright sapphires are distinguished by slitted pupils courtesy of draconic blood. Addie is 5'9" and curvy in just the right places, carrying the coltish leanness of a young woman just beginning to fill out fully. Equal parts tomboy and girly girl, she is just as likely to be found in a pretty frilly dress or ratty jeans and t-shirts. She's a bundle of energy capable of a number of faces befitting various social situations and expectations. The second shadow that was attached to her feet for almost two years is no longer there, leaving just a normal, boring Addie shaped shadow behind.

She no longer carries her runestone or Trinity gem, both now packed away for safe keeping so she doesn't have the constant reminders of a life she'll never get back.

As of February 15th, 2018, she never seen without a white gold with sapphire and diamond Claddagh ring on her left ring finger, worn facing away from her.  

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Vocalist/Guitarist for TRASH, part-time model, full-time trouble
Additional Notes:
Adept healer. Awesome annoyance. Amazing baker.

She's great in the kitchen and stellar on stage. Try as she might to write herself off, others have taken notice. She's a little less shy pizza girl now and a little more cocky rockstar. She doesn't talk about it much but she's also a pretty decent Holy healer and once, she even brought someone back from the dead, though that's one she doesn't plan on repeating. The girl's got a strut that could put many a fashionista to shame too.
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