Canaan Old Wyrm

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Character Name:
Canaan Devillier
Demon/Human Hybrid
Place of Origin:
New Orleans, LA
A few inches over six feet tall with blond hair and hazel eyes, 190lbs, not overly muscular but neatly cut. Blond hair is fashioned in an undercut, long enough now to tie back. Perpetual scruff that is borderline beard. In addition to various piercings, Cane has a stripe of viridescent scales down the length of his spine. Hints of spearmint linger beneath the more prominent scents of wood smoke and cured leather, while his hands bear the stain of whatever herbs were most recently used in his potions work.

Generally charming and easy to get along with, but doesn't open up very easily. Protective and loyal, but quick to anger.

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Owner of the Rhydin Center for Circus Arts
Additional Notes:
"Are you ever lost in the evergreens of his eyes?

Softly, child, softly. Tread like you are walking over mudslide ground. Remember that forests have thorns and wild wolves. Remember that he has poison ivy hair and it�s falling all over the back of your dress. Remember that he learned that smile from a lioness, that she taught him to bare his teeth before the kill.

You listen to the sparrow-song of his voice, to the lovesick it sends down your throat. He is all muddy paws and whimpers into your neck. He is all late-afternoon wind and the rustle of thistle leaves. He tastes like sage all over his body and you prick your tongue on the thorns.

Softly, child, softly. Remember that forest fires always start from within. Touch him softly, you are digging your hands into flammable flesh. Follow where the wind takes you when his eyes wander away; when the fire starts you won�t feel him there.

Follow where the wind steals you and watch the trees glow with red and orange flame.�

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