Conall Riordan Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Conall Riordan
Human (Half Arctran/Half Clan Tarven)
Place of Origin:
Phalion, Arctra
A mountain of a man, Conall is tall, broad-shouldered, and formidable in battle. Dark hair frames a chiseled face with eyes as green as the forest. He wears a simple wool tunic and pants beneath his leathers, a brace of swords upon his broad back. He is soft-spoken with a deep voice that commands respect without asking for it.

(Clive Standen)
Additional Notes:
He is skilled with both bows and blades, and is a masterful horseman.

Originally a blacksmith by trade, he joined the rebels in part to repay a life debt to their leader, making them brothers-in-arms. Now that the war is over and the rightful queen has been restored to her throne, he has chosen to take his place among his mate's people in the wilds of Arctra.

He is mated to Liayna na'Kari of Clan Tarven; and together, they have a daughter, Vespera, named for the stars that shone on them the night she had been born.
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