S. Chartreuse Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Sab "Sabotage" Chartreuse—Sabotage is a nickname, of course, the origins of which are rarely discussed.
Place of Origin:
Though at times she's a virtual chameleon, changing her clothing, mannerisms, even her diction to suit the situation at hand, Sab is typically attired in form-fitting black—a classic and forgiving friend: leggings, boots, silk tank, maybe an occasional necklace hanging low, barely delineating a small portion of her ample form if she's feeling fancy or meeting with a client. A tailored jacket hides her favorite vices.

Time has not softened her body but made it more angular, shaped it with clean lines and created flat plains upon which her softer bits flourish starkly, almost as if out of place. Tendrils of inky hair in varying states of dishevelment frame her face and tumble haphazardly down her back. Flinty, deep green eyes rarely linger upon a single point for more than a few moments. Lush, painted lips are quick to curve in both smiles and sneers and for those unlucky enough to catch it, there's a relic from her past in the form of an omega symbol tattooed above her right canine. Sab is more striking than pretty, all the better when the lighting is low.
Negotiations and Acquisitions
Additional Notes:
Not a vampire or witch, she cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound or soak in the thoughts of others. But she is good at a few things. One of them is rock, paper, scissors. Another is convincing others to part with the things they hold most dear. There's no magic to it, just practice and the passage of time. As for rock, paper, scissors? Maybe it's just dumb luck, or maybe it's an almost preternatural sense of perception honed over years of depending on being a nanosecond faster than the other guy.

She excels at the juxtaposition of the inane with the profound: Skinny Girl Margaritas while poring over T.S. Eliot, spouting obscure trivia in dire situations, gallows humor at funerals (and there have been a lot of funerals). If she's in a good humor she'll likely regale you with the story of her descendance from a rogue Carthusian Monk who once distilled such a potent batch of Chartreuse that three nuns in three neighboring convents claimed immaculate conceptions in the span of one month. Persuasion. It's in her blood.

Like most others, her history is full of moments poignant and lofty. After spending a majority of her early years climbing her way to the top on the backs of others (and, truth be told, on her own back many times), she crested only to fall again at the hands of her own tragic flaw.
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