Anastasia Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Anastasia Morgan
Place of Origin:
Alicante, Idris
an orphan.... a shadow hunter.

Age: 20
Hair: dark brown (midback length)
Eyes:  bluish/greenist
Height: 5' 3
Relationship: None

Runes that decorate her body
Voyance- (Given to  Ana at young age, this rune focuses the Sight, giving the wearer extrasensory perception, allowing the Shadowhunter to see past glamour.) On left her hand-

Angelic/Enkeli rune (The Enkeli rune, also known as the Rune of Angelic Power, is the first and the most powerful rune given to the Nephilim by the Angel Raziel. All Nephilim receive this mark upon initiation, signifying their angelic bonds. It is often used to imbue weapons with angelic properties and wipe them clean of any demonic traces.)  chest

Equilibrium (Gives the wearer perfect balance; especially useful in hand-to-hand combat, this rune makes the Shadowhunter more difficult to knock off their feet. It is permanent and usually made upon the limbs.) right upper arm

Insight/Foresight (Supports mental acuity and inspired thought to better understand and interpret a situation or human being deeply. It provides the Nephilim the ability to better understand current and past events, as well as the ability to understand events yet to happen, based on current knowledge. This rune must be applied after each use) lower left

Agility (A long-lived rune that equips the marked Nephilim with acuity not just of body, but also of mind. All Nephilim receive this rune early in their training, giving them the ability to process information quickly and to react.)  lower right

Parabatai- A rune that partners two Shadowhunters together, so they can draw on each other's strength.

Loyal to: mark by blood.

The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he'd learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.”
Jace Wayland

(Changing my picture base to Lucy Hale, instead of India Eisley)
Additional Notes:
the ability to make new runes

Stele, a tool used to draw runes onto the skin of Shadowhunters.
Sensor, a tool used to detect demonic activity in the area.
Seraph blades, weapons that take the form of dull tubes with blunt edges when deactivated. They are given Angel names and, when the power of the namesake Angel is called upon, the blade springs to life, growing into a bright, glowing dagger.
Daggers and Swords:
Whip that when not in use is a silver bracelet.
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