Nameless One Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Once was Ulitharid and Alhoon. Now he is made of the very fabric of the nine layers of the abyss that he holds dominion over
Place of Origin:
That could be disputed. Some would say the underdark, others would claim the abyss...
This is a being with many faces.  All of them illusion, most of them real.

Currently, In the prime material realm of Rhy'Din

He would be found wearing the visage of a man in his late 20's.
Long black hair
Skin alabaster as the pale moon.
His fingers are adorned with jeweled rings that are as deadly as they are alluring.
Most commonly found dressed in sleek black lathered battle gear.
If you were to visit him in his throne room you would find something quite different awaiting you.

A seven foot Ullitharid Alhoon wearing blackened steel battle gear with writhing flames magically set into the armor.
Many a tentacle are adorned across his chest and back that falls from his face in place of a normal beings beard.
Being originally an Ulitharid the front most two of his otherworldly appendages are longer than the rest, effectively coming to an end just under his knees.

Around his chest and neck he wears a vestment of many sheathed throwing knives set in groups from front to back, each group having a different colored stone in the pommel.
At his hip he wears a sword wrought from the essence of lightning that was stripped off the dead body of a notable demon after the battle for the eighth layer of the abyss.
Abyssal Lord
Additional Notes:
All the avatars of the Nameless God receive their powers directly from the source, therefore the avatar and it’s creator both have the same stores of power, uses of magics and disciplines

Psionics – being an Ulitharid this is one of his greatest strengths, which he has honed diligently through the millennia

Telepathy – Also due to his Ulitharid lineage he is incredibly fond of mindbreaking, it would take godly powers to even begin to enter his private thoughts, though yours, unless similarly protected are nowhere near as safe

Illusion – A discipline that can easily be used to warp the conscious reality of a person or person’s to enhance the effect ‘training exercises’ also useful in battle

Throwing knives – As stated above, he wears a vest filled with throwing knives, each stone on the pommel of these knives have different effect, some poison, some binding, some flames, and of course what is a throwing knife without the ever allusive black crystal material found as remnants of the ‘Time of Troubles’

((Due to the fact that this character is a god of the abyss, The intimidation factor is understandable... Therefore feel free to hide under your covers as he passes by, it is perfectly reasonable to clench your eyes shut and pretend the monster under your bed isn't real.))

((This character will not use any of his stated powers without express conversation or provocation.))
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