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Stolen from her home by Skarran raiders just a few weeks after her fourth birthday, Silence, as she was known, did not remember the name she was born with or what it was to be a free Arctran. She learned Arctran from other slaves who felt it was their duty to make sure she knew a little about the land of her birth, but they could not prevent her from being molded into the perfect household slave for the Skarran pirate lord who bought her.

At the age of sixteen, she was sold on to a powerful magister - a war lord and wizard with considerable political influence in Skarra - who took it upon himself to further train her to be a personal slave for his son. When his son died in the Battle for Loscar, the culmination of the Arctran civil war that saw the true line of Arlan restored to the throne, the magister took possession of Silence himself once again, and brought her with him when he was sent as an emissary to the Arctran court.

Freed from her Skarran master by Queen Ariana and granted to the First Blade as his ward, Silence took a new name - Loren - and began the slow process of learning to live for herself.
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