Theron Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Shapeshifter Deity
Place of Origin:
The Grey Lands
Depending on the situation or his mood. His eyes can change colors at random. His skin is usually smooth and his demenor is calm, mostly. He always knows what shape to take to please or at least be acceptable in almost any culture. It takes a skilled eye to tell he is any different than anybody else in any given surrounding. His appearance varies.
Owner and master creator of The Workshop of Legendary Things
Additional Notes:
He is one of the greatest shapeshifters of all time. He can transform into a nigh indestructible battle form, but he perfers to talk and make friends. He is good with all kinds of magic, all but telling the future. He would rather run than fight, it just wouldnt be fair to the mortals that would encounter him.

He is accepting of all races and peoples. He knows their ways and doesnt believe in the consept of Evil and Good, just existance, he would gladly give everything up to save even one person.

He is a very good actor, and will allow himself to be beaten, it doesnt do him too much harm, but if it makes somebody feel better.

Slow to anger, he considers that a skill, but he is very hard to cool down once he reaches that point. He doesnt hesitate to exploit weaknesses of races to put down a troublemaker.
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