Romeo MacKenzie Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Romeo "Ro" MacKenzie
Place of Origin:
A very different, dystopian Earth
Dubious circumstances had brought him to Rhy'din at a young age, creating a refugee and an orphan in one fell swoop of fate's fickle talons.

Romeo? He was a survivor. He made do. Never the strongest, the swiftest, or smartest, he endured the harsher parts of the city with a tenacity and stubborn will. There was a toughness to be found in perseverance. The irreverence sometimes hurt more than it helped.
He was underwhelming by the standards of the realm, a few inches past six feet and with a soft layer over heavier muscle; he was a light heavyweight that should have been fighting at middleweight. Every scar told a story.

A life of petty crime had been a necessity at an early age, with the need only growing over time. Unspoken responsibilities sucked up so many resources he just didn't have, but Ro didn't shy away from legitimate work. After a time, he had grown out of seedier activities for things with more promise.

Short order cook; amateur punching bag for Team Dirty's elite
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