Crispin Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Crispin Elias Ashwood
Black Marks say Nephilim; Shadowhunter.  Don't look harder.
Place of Origin:
Alicante, Idris
This Shadowhunter is a long way from home....

Between 5'10" and six feet even depending on the rigidity of posture, he carries himself with the air of one hoping to navigate the slipstreams of the world unnoticed. On the lean side of the male persuasion, his body is coated with the long, compact muscle of a runner. He pairs close fitting jeans or the sturdiness of his people's gear with boots that reach halfway to the knee and thin, cotton shirts in unassuming colors. Weather permitting, a hooded shirt or a heavy, leather coat gives warmth and cover for things he'd rather hide.

Dark hair the color of wet earth caps him in an artful disarray and a few days' wealth of perpetual stubble coats his jaw. An equally dark brow shadows a gaze the color of uncut olivine, gold flecks honing spring green to a knife's edge sharpness. The fullness of his mouth and fringe of raven's wing lashes might do better with a lighter expression, something open and approachable. But he can, on occasion, be found smiling these days.

What of exposed flesh is not decorated with the black Marks of his kind bears the white scarring of runes long faded. They litter his body; climb his throat, wrap his arms, chest, torso and legs. Amid a collection of scars on his knuckles sits a thick, pewter ring engraved with the symbol of an ornate tree. Two bands of leather circle the same wrist: one with links of mithril chain, the other a braided cord with two, detachable feather charms.

He is fresh mint and tea, wood-spice and Winter heat. Beneath it, divinity strikes like lightning in his blood, potent and steady.  More than content to linger on the outskirts and listen, watch with a steady and unhindered intensity, when he's faced with the need to speak, he does so with a quiet tone, an elegant diction, and the cadence of a free-spirited accent reminiscent of England.

He would like you to believe him unarmed.
In between.
Additional Notes:
[ Of Note ]

• The supremacy of divine power within Crispin allows those with keen senses to read him as a true Nephilim: the product of an angel and a human, rather than merely a human with angel blood.  He does not hide or veil his presence, and proximity may produce a wide range of results, positive or negative, particularly to those of demonic persuasion.  (If you'd like to reference this, go for it!)
• The distinctive shape and white-gold shade of his aura will appear differently to varying affinities of supernatural Sight.  (I will always try to ask and clarify, but you can too!)*
• Conversely, Crispin's own Sight and years of training allow him to identify demons, the four races considered "Downworlders," and the presence of and truth *behind* crafted glamours at a glance or, in some cases, with pointed effort.  (I will always ask here too!)
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[size=10:0ac41dd3f5]"A gentle boy with a gentle soul,
but every soul contains its own
opposite, and the opposite of
gentleness was ruthlessness:
the beautiful wreckage of mercy."[/size:0ac41dd3f5]