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Duke of Lonnare
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Charles Beauforte
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One of the king's favorites, Charles is young, handsome, and exuberant. Grateful for the king's generosity and friendship, he does not take his place at court for granted, but is ever mindful of the politics and intrigues, knowing he was only there by the king's good graces and his own good fortune. He is aware of a few enemies who'd like to see him fail and is careful not to disgrace himself or offend the king, lest he lose his coveted place at court.

Despite this very real possibility, he lives life to the fullest, indulging in the finer things in life, while taking his duties to the king very seriously. He surrounds himself with the few close friends he has managed to make, and his loyalty to them and to his king is unshakable. He values honor above all things and hopes to one day prove his worth, as well as earn the title so graciously bestowed upon him by the king.

(Henry Cavill)
The Duke of Lonnare
Additional Notes:
Charles' knowledge and skills rival that of the king's, as well as the other young men at court, though he is wise enough to act with modesty and grace. His physical prowess gives him an advantage at tournaments and serves him well in battle, and he excels at combat, the sword being his chief weapon of choice. He is also an expert horseman, is skilled at the game of chess, and displays a certain degree of talent with regard to strategy and tactics. He speaks several languages fluently and can read and write. Though born a commoner, he's had every advantage as one of noble birth.  

His one and only weakness is women, but that seems to have been cured with his marriage to Lady Alys. They have two children, son William Charles and daughter Christiana Alyssa. They are equally at home at Arindale Castle in Lonnare or at the King's Court.
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