Lesinda Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Lesinda Loa Silverblood-Chazore-Helston. Call her Les.
Human, not that she wishes to let others know, shes also a Vampire. And about 1/10th Elemental.
Place of Origin:
She preferes not to say.
Learning Blue Magic from Khoom Helston...Which is interesting.
After her last test and the integration of an elemental, she now has a body temperature of around 24C ((About 75F. Average human body temp. is about 98.6�F (37�C)))

She does go to some lengths to hide the fact she is a vampire, but at the end of the day, her face and hands are in plain site, making her very pale skin immediately noticeable, and there are her blood red eyes.
 She does not, in any way, attempt to advertise she is a vampire. To those that know what a vampire looks and feels like, she is immediately noticeable, though.
((In other words, if your character is familiar with vampire's or you think there's a reason why they might immediately be able to recognize her vampirisim, by all means feel free to IM me or just play it out! :D Les is one that bites, not me, and even then, she only does it when asked nicely ;) ))

Almost always in her company, are two female Shadow Mastiffs. One slightly smaller than the other (Tala), being the more exploratory and inquisitive of the pair, while the larger one (Tiva, pronounced Tee-Va) is more content to stick close to Les' side, hovering protectively, always.


Her once blond hair is now dyed a shade of green, and sits no higher than shoulder length, but she likes it like that and has is styled nicely. Often though, she needs to brush a few strands out of her hair.

Golden eyes have shifted. She has tasted 'human' blood and now, the gold is a deep, dark, Blood Red. Flecked within the iris of those red eyes is purple colouration. Hard to see in the red unless the light hits them right, but it turns more pink when she casts Blue Magic.

Typically found wearing a white shirt and blazer over the top, a black vest has been added to her attire as well, precious gems used for buttons that likely carry interesting enchantments on them.
She'll go with the blazer done up, and other times open, the weather doesn't really affect her so it's normally a matter of preference or absent mindedness.

Her skirts end at the knees and the tops of stocking disappear beneath the skirt, hiding her very pale legs. Black, buckled shoes finish her attire. Corsets that flow with her movements and accentuate her curves will often be worn as well, but hidden under that shirt.

Currently at her neck is a red crystal pendant with pink or purple flecks through out. The exact purpose of the protective charm is unknown until she is threatened.
On her right ear is an Ear Cuff, symbolizing her as a student of the The Kirn Institute of Astromancy. Of course, she still continues her studies at Bristle Crios Academy. The Coven is, after all, her home.
Settled neatly on her right hand's index finger, is the ring with a capital 'H' on it. Les is a Helston on top of everything else. On her ring finger is a ring of black crystal, the design is ivy thorns with a blossoming red rose as its display, bearing a red pearl.

A special hip flask she carries, everywhere. It would not do to fall into a sudden blood lust and be unable to control the urges without something to mitigate it's effects.
Additional Notes:
She is skilled in fire magic, able to manipulate it and form it.

She of course, also carries the skills of a vampire. Supernatural hearing, speed and eyesight along with other things.
Empathic, she can sense and to some degree, influence, emotions in others as well as shield her own.

She is currently a student of Khoom Helston's and is now an Initiate Level Blue Mage. She is at this point, very near to becoming an Apprentice Blue Mage.
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