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Clayton Ryan Sheridan
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It can be said that, at all times within each person, there are two halves eternally struggling for control.

The man, that which struggles to maintain control - to appear civilized, if you will. It is that part of us that clings to ideas, to memory, to concepts like love and honor and faith, whatever the individual notions of that may be. That part of us that seeks out others of like kind and mind, to be a social creature, to reassure themselves that they are, in fact, still human.

And the beast. That which hungers, that which lusts - it is that part of us that lives in the moment, that thinks of nothing more than its own survival. In those moments of primal rage or lust or passionate desire, it is the beast which we feel stirring within us, struggling against the man to be free and unfettered and wild. The beast exists only to satisfy its own needs, and thinks of little outside of that, and while it is capable of caring for things outside of those concerns, that caring is, for the most part, only transitory in nature.

But there are a few of us - a very select, rare few - in whom man and animal have embraced...indeed, they have become one.

And for those precious few, there is a whole other world opened to them.
Hunter, Warrior
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Being human has nothing to do with species.