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Character Name:
Corrim Duvek
Place of Origin:
Cardassia Prime
Age: 40

Height: 5' 10"

Hair Color:  Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brownish Red depending on his mood.

Skin Tone:  A very light green, though he appears more lightly tanned in direct sunlight.

Distinguishing Features:  Reptile like ridging on the forehead and around the eyes.  Also across the jawline and chin, these run directly from the earlobes.  His neck is scaled and enlarged, very reminiscent of a hooded cobra.  His hands also share the ridging that runs over his face.
Additional Notes:
Once Gul Duvek obtained things for the love of Cardassia.  That was before the war before the banishment.  The Obsidian Order rarely removes the hooks from it's members.  Duvek was here for a purpose, one that The Order didn't see fit to explain to a mere operative.  

The bright side of this scenario is they tended not to care much what else he managed to get into when not serving the greater good of their plans.  Duvek made himself a decent living acquiring things for cash.  He wasn't overly particular about what he 'acquired' so long as the money justified the risk.
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