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Sweet Crusades / Re: Roll Call!
« on: June 07, 2013, 09:37:04 AM »
Novia Stone

Character status: NPC?Deceased?May come back in some form.

Age: 20 (Would have been 24)

Birthday: February 6th  

Race: Human.

Weapon: Emlen Slane

Height: 5?7??

Weight: 127 Pounds.

Cup size: 34B

Marital status: Was in a relationship with Emlen Slane.

Interested in: N/A

Personality: Novia was fierce, moody, and hard-headed. It was impossible to keep her down and out, even when injured, she still fought. She treated every situation as potentially dangerous, and kept a guard up at all times. Despite her seemingly fragile appearance, Novia had quite a temper.

Brief history: Her father died when she was young, in a raid that killed both him and his weapon. Emlen and Novia were paired as weapon and handler at an early age. They despised one another. They needed one another. She couldn?t stand Emlen?s nonchalant attitude toward everything, but despite that, the boy still managed to make her laugh?and she managed to make him care about something other than himself.

Remembered quotes: ?Something about your stupid face makes me smile?? ? ?Your job as a weapon might be to die for me?but your job as my boyfriend is to be around forever.? ? ?Say it again, and I?ll cut your tongue out until it doesn?t grow back?? ? ?Junia? Life isn?t cruel. People are cruel.?

Sweet Crusades / Re: Roll Call!
« on: June 07, 2013, 08:58:07 AM »
Junia Stone

Character status: NPC

Age: 23

Birthday: September 16th

Race: Human.

Weapon: Orchid Evans

Height: 5?6??

Weight: 125 Pounds.

Cup size: 32C

Marital status: Single.

Interested in: Caia Slane

Personality: The soft and silent type. Save for people from the village, a few trash-talked/ass-kicked enemies, Junia doesn?t speak much. Before her sister died, it was impossible to shut her up. She?d been the type to never take a thing seriously? Now? Now she?s a hardened warrior hell-bent on getting revenge from her sister?s murder.

Brief history: A care-free kid growing up, even more so as a teenager. Her sibling had done most of the battling for the family. Still, she?d gotten practice in with her own weapon, and was the winner of many spars. She always lost to one person though, Novia Stone. Her entire life, she practiced for the one day, she could beat her sister in the arena. That day never came? Once her sister died, all the jokes, all the laughter, it all faded away? Now she lives the life of a warrior of Sama.

Remembered quotes: ?Emlen didn?t kill Novia, Mom. A man did, and he?s roaming free while we blame the one man who would have given up his life for her if he could die...? ? ?I don?t entirely agree with you dating my sister, because you?re supposed to be with Orchid?but if you make her happy, there?s nothing I can do about it.?

Sweet Crusades / Re:
« on: June 01, 2013, 03:40:16 AM »
......................................................................................................... Novia Stone
              ...................................................................................       February 6th 1988 ? August 14th 2008
               ............................................................................................      Beloved Daughter and Sister

There was no optimism in his step as he moved for the familiar headstone. ??hey?? The boy mumbled awkwardly as he kneeled down. ?I know it?s been a while since I came to visit. I?m not really welcome here, anymore?? His palm swept his face and brushed the locks from them as he sighed into his hand. After a long, awkward silence, the immortal finally spoke and broke down. ?It?s hard every day without you, and I think about you every day? It?s funny, it used to be every minute but.. I?m thinking of another now? Her name is Minoko? I really, really like her, Nova, I might even love her? You would have liked her, too? She?s stubborn, and headstrong? She?s really sweet, too? Even to me. She keeps me in line??
At this point, the boy was starting to lose control of his emotions. ?? I didn?t deserve you, Nova? I didn?t deserve what you did for me? If anyone was entitled to a happily ever after, it was you? And I yelled at you, I yelled at you for giving your life up for mine?? The boy sat down against the tombstone and let his eyes fall to his hands before they moved to shroud his face in a gentle grip. ?I still miss you, Nova? A weapon and a handler, there?s nothing stronger? And I?m sorry I wasn?t stronger, and I?m sorry I didn?t come to visit, and I?m sorry that I?ve been angry for so long? I?m ready to let it all go now? I?m ready to let you go??
The boy sighed once more and brought his head to the tombstone and knocked some sense into his head before sighing. ?Good-bye, Novia Stone?? Slowly, he climbed to his feet and began to walk off.

Sweet Crusades / A busted chainsaw.
« on: May 28, 2013, 08:56:48 AM »
Emlen had stormed away from his sister and her friends, because, they weren?t his friends. Hell, Katan didn?t like him, Valcroix didn?t like him; Minoko had been his one friend in the room, and that was all shot to hell... Those azure eyes stared down to his feet as he trudged forward. It wasn?t long before he met the chest of a rather large man, he hadn?t had much height on him; an inch or so, but he had bulk, muscle? ?Well if it isn?t the failure?? There were four other men with him, just waiting for him to make a move, some of them, however, spoke up.

?You?ve got a lot of nerve showing your face here, kid??

Great, now he?d been approached by man-child bullies? Emlen responded with laughter, ?You guys have a point?? The boy asked, raising a brow. ?Or do you have nothing better to do?? Brushing hair from his face, he growled beneath his breath.

?Novia is dead because of you, and you?re making jokes??

?I?ve woken up to this realization every day for the past five years, Alec? Suddenly you see me and she?s in your memories?? Emlen?s finger came up, ?Let me tell you something,? he mumbled and furrowed his brows as his jaw clenched. ?She?s more than a memory to me, I?ve spent my life crawling on my hands and knees, I?ve spent my life trying to bring her back. I?d give my very life to do so?? The immortal mumbled. ?Would you? Because I?m willing to bet you hadn?t a single thought of her until you saw me? So what is it? What would you give to bring her back?? Alec remained silent, and Emlen just shook his head and scoffed. ?What I thought?? The boy turned to walk away from the man.

Grabbed from behind by two guys, Emlen was spun around to face the man who punched him in the gut with one hand and the mouth with the other as he was doubling over. ?It wouldn?t matter,? Alec whispered to the downed Emlen. ?If she had a real weapon like me, she?d still be alive?? Another man kicked him in his ribs in a shattering force, if he hadn?t healed, he?d have been in the hospital easily? They began to walk off, leaving him there on the ground, and in pain.

The immortal spat up blood?he would have taken the hit but not the insult on their handler-weapon relationship. ??Alec?? In a crouching position now. The man turned around with a smile on his face and his arms out as if waiting for the reason he?d been stopped. Emlen sprung, the chains on his feet span and gave him an extra boost, soon, he was airborne. He lunged forward and his foot; minus the chain; slammed into the man?s chest and sent him backwards.

Another man spoke up, ?You f?cking?!? He slammed his fist toward Emlen?s jaw, but the immortal snatched it up with a single hand, and yanked the man forwards into his own fist. Blood sprayed from his nose as he toppled backwards, holding it. One lapdog grabbed Emlen by the shirt, tore it, and shoved his own fist forward to punch the boy in the nose. He maneuvered to escape the wrath of knuckles, and then his forehead, as hard as it could, was slamming forwards for the center piece of the man?s face. Emlen gripped both the man?s shoulders and all but grappled him, throwing him into the other man who had just been getting up. The two stumbled over one another and fell, and flopped, and flailed as if they were on ice.

Alec was glaring up at him, ?I?m going to murder you Emlen, and nobody?s going to care to find your body? Novia will finally be avenged??

?Bigger men have tried, Alec?? Emlen muttered and elbowed a man approaching from behind straight in the nose. He cringed and cried out. Emlen span around to face him, but Alec grappled him from behind and locked his arms useless as Alec?s fingers locked behind the man?s head, arms looping up beneath his arms. The one uninjured man left, moved to take a cheap shot to his stomach, and Emlen took it like a man. Then his foot came up to slam into his belly, it was more to shove him away more than anything.

When the cheap-shot attacker stumbled backwards, Emlen took his heel and drove it back to Alec?s shin, and when the man grunted, he was throwing his weight forward and attempting to flip the man from his arms, anything he yanked out of socket, the boy would repair in seconds. Emlen watched as Alec hit the ground, and his foot moved to drive into the side of his face. ?Novia would have been ashamed to know each and every one of you?? The immortal made a point to mutter before taking a step backwards and letting the chain-blades spin around his body. ?Get the hell out of here, before I chop each and every one of you to bits?? Emlen said, panting and nearly broken. ?NOW!?

With too much shame to be spoken for, especially from the man who was essentially unharmed, the men turned away and stumbled off? They knew too well of Emlen?s abilities, and knew pain only lasted moments on the boy?s body. ?Hmph.? Emlen scoffed and waited for them to be out of sight before letting himself fall to his knees and punch the ground about ten times. ?Damn it??

Sweet Crusades / Re: Roll Call!
« on: April 24, 2013, 04:28:56 AM »
Emlen ?Joker? Slane

Age: 25
Birthday: May 22nd
Race: Unclassified immortal?living weapon.
Height: 6?2??
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Deep blue
Weight: 190 pounds
Bust size: Not even mosquito bumps?
Marital status: Married to Minoko
Parents: Clara Mars, Solaris Slane
Siblings: Martyr Slane (Sister.) Aviana Slane (Half-sister.)
Occupation: Lumberjack, everyone's construction bitch
Current Residence: A few, though his seems to prefer the tree house.
Usually Seen Wearing: Fitted t-shirt that he never wears for long, jeans with a belt always holding his pants up. Aside from that, he wears a pair of fully black sneakers. His girly locket hasn't been seen in quite some time.
Abilities: Rapid cell regeneration-Living weapon qualities that give him the form of a chainsaw when wielded by another; without a handler he can still use his weapon ability a chain spinning and winding around his body.
Weapon of choice: Himself. Though he's been known to carry a sword.

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