Emlen Slane Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Emlen Slane
Unclassified Immortal--living weapon.
Place of Origin:
Emlen is an impressive 6'2'' tower. He's tall and strong, with perhaps a touch of awkwardness. Shaggy, almost black hair lines his young face, and can usually be found fussing with the facial scruff on his lazy days. His eyes are the darkest shade of blue and he wears a smile that is both wicked-looking and beautiful in the same breath.

Unfortunately, though he tries to always wear a shirt, he usually finds his chest bare before the day is over. He bears a six-pack over his finely tanned body, one that is usually fawned over by a certain Asian.

Emlen has twin shackles on either wrist, they are not big nor bulky, but they're certainly not bracelets. If he wanted to pull them off, he could not, they are melded tightly to his limbs.
Additional Notes:
Emlen's living weapon form is perhaps the most powerful of his family--able to transform himself into a chainsaw. If that's not impressive enough, he can use the form without a handler.

Even with the awkward tallness, Emlen is quick on his feet and agile. Once upon a time, he was the best fighter in his village. Some say that he's now at rock bottom, others say that it's made him even stronger.
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Make me blind when your eyes close
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