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The Star's End Spaceport Port Authority
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Star's End Spaceport, Rhydin.
The Port Authority is the name given to the combined services that maintain and run the Spaceport at Star's End. There are five branches of the Port Authority:

1) Facilities & Services - the day to day operation of the spaceport itself. Keeping the machinery running, the power flowing, everything that makes a spaceport function.

2) Tower/Stationmaster - likewise, the day to day flight operations. SOMEONE has to keep all those spaceships from colliding as they fly around like mad. Based both on the ground (Towermaster) and the orbital facility (Stationmaster) high in geosynchoronous orbit over the spaceport.

3) Dockmaster's Office - the good folks that you pay to have a docking bay at the spaceport. No liability is assumed for what goes on inside those bays, either - they operate under a solid "No Questions Asked" policy.

4) Warehousing - That No Questions Asked policy applies to the warehouses as well. Smuggling isn't just a way of life - it's an art form.

5) Liason's Office - the Port Authority is savvy enough to recognize the benefits of keeping contact with other authorities in the regions around the spaceport's valley. This is where trade contracts are made, bounties are set (and turned in), and there is an office dedicated to communicating with the Governor's Office in Rhydin. While an independent entity, Star's End keeps up these contacts for mutual profit and advantage.

One may well notice a lack of 'security' or 'police' on here these days. There's a reason for that.

Many regard the Port Authority (or PA) as the public controlling face of the spaceport - the truth is that they serve a shadowy cabal of business, crime and political interests.  These interests have been the powers behind the Spaceport since its inception, and they rule by fiat - understanding that only by an uneasy balance of power and peace, can the cause of profit be best served.

No one can say for sure just WHO these shadow lords are behind Star's End Spaceport - but if you ask just the right questions to just the right people, you might find out something to your advantage.

Just don't make too big a mess. That interferes with business.
Additional Notes:
( Any and all official reports from Star's End Spaceport or Star's End Bar will come through this name. The Port Authority has also been known to release information second-hand through other sources, such as the well-known TalkingheadNed.)
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